Nov 08 2017

What Can One Employee Teach ...

What Can One Employee Teach You About Success?

With Melvin, We Shine Brighter New and old clients alike fall in love with Jidan Cleaning’s team of professionals. Their staff’s energy, initiative and genuine attentiveness make them a true frontrunner in their industry. We sat down with one of Jidan Cleaning’s supervisors, Melvin Williams, to learn more about his work ethic, the unique company […]

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Oct 09 2017

Avoid 6 Big Mistakes Hiring ...

Avoid 6 Big Mistakes Hiring Your Next Cleaning Company

She’s in the building. The client you’ve been wooing for months. She’s ready to meet you and sign that agreement. But first, she takes a detour to the bathroom. Only to find, overflowing trashcans, the pungent smell of disinfectant, and NO darn toilet paper. In an instant, she decides she will wait to use the […]

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Sep 01 2017

These 5 eLearning Websites Will ...

These 5 eLearning Websites Will Make You Smarter

Though I’m not sending kids back to school this year, September still gives me that fresh-start feeling and the enthusiasm to learn something new. And as a small business owner, there’s always more to learn – both personally and professionally. But, just like you, I’m way too busy to go back to school. At least […]

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Aug 08 2017

5 Great Apps to Help ...

5 Great Apps to Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

Think you still have plenty of time to make those vacation plans? Well, think again. It’s already August. Yep, just like that –  summer is almost over. So, if you love to travel, (or even need to plan a business trip) but you’re in a pinch for time, here are five apps to help make it […]

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Jul 05 2017

When Was The Last Time ...

When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Hiring Strategy?

Hiring is one of the most difficult but necessary activities that we’re faced with as small business owners. If done right, it is the key to building a successful organization and reducing your staff turnover. At Jidan Cleaning, our hiring procedures have evolved over time through much trial and error.  We are always refining our […]

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Jun 05 2017

10 Important Facts That Every ...

10 Important Facts That Every American Should Know About Our Flag

We all take pride in proudly displaying our nation’s great symbol, the American flag. There’s nothing that expresses freedom, opportunity, and heritage more than Old Glory. To me, the flag is a true representation of the sacrifices that so many have made to make our country the great place it is to work and play. […]

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May 04 2017

Simple Cleaning Tips to Ease ...

Simple Cleaning Tips to Ease Your Allergies

April showers bring May flowers and blooming trees and fresh cut grass. And a whole lot of pollen too. If you are one of the millions of allergy sufferers, spring may not be your favorite time of the year especially if you have seasonal triggers. In addition to pollen, common allergens are constantly moving around […]

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Apr 20 2017

Make Every Day Earth Day ...

Make Every Day Earth Day at the Office

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd.  This annual event started as a way to remind people to change their behaviors to reduce the negative effects they have on the environment. Sadly, it’s only one day though. And most people go back to their usual routines on April 23rd. Many of the things we all do daily […]

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Apr 04 2017

5 Chemicals That are Killing ...

5 Chemicals That are Killing You and the Environment

You’ve probably never heard of these “difficult to pronounce” chemicals before. Yet, they’re in many everyday cleaning products. And they’re destroying our health and the environment.  The Hard Stuff: Benzalkonium Chloride. Found in many disinfectants and cleaning supplies. 2-ButoxyethanoL. Used in liquid soaps and industrial and household cleaners. Nonylphenol Ethoxylate. Found in detergents and cleaners. […]

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Mar 21 2017

Why You Need An Employee ...

Why You Need An Employee Rewards Program (and a low cost way to implement one)

At Jidan Cleaning, my team is an integral part of my company’s success.  I know that it’s my job to make sure I convey their importance and my appreciation for their role. And that’s why I created our employee rewards program – and made it a part of our team culture. Everyone likes to feel […]

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