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Jan 01 2024

New Year, New Slate: 5 Underrated ...

New Year, New Slate: 5 Underrated Productivity Hacks to Adopt in 2024 

Tired of constantly wading through paperwork, tripping over cords, and clearing off messy desks? We hear you. There’s nothing that puts a damper on workplace productivity and morale more than clutter. Buried beneath the muck, however, is the truth: most folks lack systems. It’s like going to the gym, sitting on your hands, and hoping […]

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Dec 01 2023

Put Your Best “Floor” Forward: ...

Put Your Best “Floor” Forward: How to Refinish and Maintain High-Traffic Areas

They say first impressions count—what do your floors convey about your business? Are they polished to a shine? Provide a vibrant and inviting feel? Or are there signs of erosion–cracks, scuffs, and grime? If it’s the latter, we understand. Your high-traffic areas may see dozens (or even hundreds) pass through daily. Frequent foot traffic, plus […]

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Nov 01 2023

It’s Easy Being Green: Exploring ...

It’s Easy Being Green: Exploring Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

Looking for a commercial cleaning company that’s good for you—and the environment?    “Eco-friendly” isn’t a passing fad or trendy tagline for Jidan Cleaning. Sustainability is embedded in everything we do—from product choices to cleaning procedures. What’s more, our commitment to earth-conscious, biodegradable initiatives leads to stringent sanitation, safe disinfection, and closely regulated emissions.  Let’s discuss […]

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Oct 01 2023

After the Dust Settles: A ...

After the Dust Settles: A Guide to Successful Construction Site Cleanup

Ask any foreman or project manager… there’s something special about the end of a construction job. The whirl of saws subsided, the last nail hammered, and a final coat of paint shines. The finished building is a blank canvas, prepped and ready for future occupants. Well…almost. There’s one last task to complete before handing over […]

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Sep 01 2023

Lifelong Learning: The Path to ...

Lifelong Learning: The Path to Excellence and Innovation

The summer sun sets.  The scent of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air. September launches a new school year, a reminder of the importance of lifelong learning. Just like students, businesses too can (and should) adopt the spirit of continuous growth. This month, let’s explore how education can positively impact employee development, enhance service reliability, […]

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Aug 01 2023

Making the Grade! Contracting Commercial ...

Making the Grade! Contracting Commercial Cleaning Services for Schools and Public Campuses 

As a school administrator or facility manager, you live and thrive in an academic bubble. And we hate to burst it. However, hundreds–if not thousands–are inhabiting your institution daily. It may be summer, but it will not be long before your halls are clamoring with students and staff.  Are you ready for the barrage?  Have […]

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Jul 01 2023

Quality Control Practices: Harnessing the ...

Quality Control Practices: Harnessing the Power of CompuClean® and Halt Disinfectant

Quality control is critical to any organization, ensuring that products and services meet or exceed customer expectations. In industries where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, such as healthcare facilities and schools, effective quality control single-handedly saves lives.   So let’s put the experts under the microscope. What sets one commercial cleaning company apart from the others? To sum it […]

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Jun 01 2023

Running Low on Inventory? Outsource ...

Running Low on Inventory? Outsource Your Supply Stock-Up to a Trusted Affiliate    

Did you know entrepreneurs often work twice as many hours as the typical employee? And generally, the fewer employees you have, the more hats you wear. Besides overseeing operations, here are a few key duties of an average business owner: Your bucket runneth over, so to speak. But listen, there are two ways to look […]

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Apr 01 2023

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? ...

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? Avoid These 6 Red Flags at All Costs  

Picture this… It’s the end of the month, and you’re staring at the sales report. Your team worked hard, but the numbers are not what you had hoped. You have a decision to make to stay afloat—what budgetary line item doesn’t make the cut?    You’ve likely been here before if you’ve managed a small business […]

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Mar 01 2023

What is ATP Testing? This ...

What is ATP Testing? This Evidence-Based Technology “Cleans House” With Unbeatable Accuracy 

You ramped up cleaning protocols at the height of the pandemic. So, how has your commercial business fared over the past three years? In any industry, it’s important to assess the effectiveness of your procedures from time to time. Where decontamination and sterilization are concerned, it’s essential. If you haven’t adapted your plans since 2020, […]

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