Commercial Cleaning and Facility Management Services

At Jidan Cleaning, we know your ideal commercial cleaning service should arrive when scheduled, do a great job, and leave your facility so clean that your employees walk in the next day smiling. A clean work environment improves productivity and morale in the very place where professionals “live” their many waking hours. Entrust this aspect of your company’s quality-of-work life to a cleaning company that values integrity. Here’s what Jidan Cleaning can do for you:

Routine Office Cleaning: A full cleaning includes both low dusting and high dusting, vacuuming or mopping of floors, bathrooms, kitchens, emptying of trash cans, and refilling of supplies as needed. Please see our Routine Cleaning page for a detailed description.

Window Cleaning: We’ll make your office windows sparkle! We use sanitized equipment and multipurpose cleaning products from P&G Professional™ cleaning solutions.

Floor Stripping and Waxing: By the end of this intensive multistep process, your tile floors will shine and stay cleaner for longer as never before. Please visit our Floor Stripping and Waxing page for a detailed description.

Deep Carpet Cleaning: Beyond the regular vacuuming included in a routine cleaning, we can also assist with your deep carpet cleaning needs. Before beginning, we’ll inspect your carpets for stains and then vacuum to remove any dry soil. Once all furniture is moved out of the way, we pre-spot all stains and high-traffic areas before cleaning with our carpet extractor. A final touch of deodorizer will leave your office carpets smelling as fresh as they look.

A clean office is a cost-effective way to invest in your people and boost output. According to ISSA (The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association), sick employees do cost you money. Regularly scheduled office cleanings reduce the probability of your employees picking up a cold virus or the flu by 80%. Because routine cleanings eliminate 62% of the virus contamination on your office surfaces, you can expect about a 46% decrease in absenteeism. When people call out sick, those unplanned absences interrupt your workplace and can lead to a 54% drop in productivity. Even worse, when your employees come to work accompanied by their cold or flu symptoms, the typical result is a 3 – 8% overall performance decline. That’s a lot of tissues, aspirin, and cough suppressant! By partnering with a commercial cleaning service, you’re not adding a “luxury” line item to your budget – you’re generating profit.