Routine Office Cleanings


What We Do

There is nothing routine about Jidan Cleaning’s office-cleaning services – we aren’t satisfied unless your facility is dust-free and spotless. Low dusting means we wipe everything below desk level, including filing cabinets and furniture, all office equipment, and baseboards. High dusting means we meticulously clean all light switch panels, window blinds or shades, and ceiling light fixtures. When we sweep or vacuum your floors, even the smallest dust bunny has no chance of survival. Your Jidan Cleaning team will ensure all waste and trash cans are properly emptied, ready for another day of paper, plastic, and other types of refuse.

Green Cleaning

Our team members clean all our clients’ office bathrooms and kitchens as if they’re cleaning those particular rooms in their own home. And we only use the best to kill off sickness-spreading germs and bacteria in these very public places: P&G Professional™ cleaning products. 

We use it on carpets, glass, counters, tables, walls, hard floors, stainless steel, and more. P&G Professional’s™ multi-cleaner is an excellent degreaser, deodorizer, and sanitizer. It kills almost 100% of the common bacteria most likely to visit your workplace through human illness or tainted food. If it’s possible to be enamored with a cleaning product, these are the ones we love!

Supply Stock-Up Management

We also restock your offices, kitchens, and bathrooms with the in-house items from your supply closet. Or, we can remove that logistical burden from your busy office manager’s to-do list by functioning as your Supply Stock-Up partner. Please visit our Supply Stock-Up Management Service page to learn more about this convenient, time-saving service.

Customized Cleaning

From a personnel perspective, we do our best to match up the right janitorial team with your specific cleaning needs. We understand the value of clean so customizing our cleaning process to your facility’s layout is a must. All you need to do is tell us what you want. Once you’ve experienced your initial cleaning with Jidan Cleaning, it’s so easy to set up an ongoing maintenance plan using our CleanQC® quality control software. We mean what we say in the Jidan Cleaning tagline: Our clean attitude makes the difference.