“We have used many cleaning services over the years…We used to have problems with quality of service…and services that didn’t show up from time to time….and inaccurate bills.  Now we don’t even think about cleaning. We just know it is going to happen and be done right. …If you want to waste time dealing with keeping your office clean, then don’t use Jidan Cleaning.  If you’d prefer to hire the last cleaning company you will ever need, and then forget about it, and go about running your business, than hire Jidan Cleaning!”


Noam Yalon

941 Payroll



“I’m a South Jersey Realtor and have experienced a lot of sub-par cleaning companies. However, when I met Pat about 4 years ago I knew my search for a quality cleaning crew was over…the one that has always stood to the forefront of my mind is an estate sale like no other!  It was something that would by far beat any ‘Extreme Hoarder’ show that you could watch on TV. Just to enter the property you had to walk over boxes – that is if you could find a spot that didn’t have boxes stacked to the ceiling. The entire house smelled of animal waste… there are really not enough words to describe what a mess this property was. After we were able to dispose of all the content of the property Pat came in, made a very accurate evaluation of what could be done to prepare this home for sale. I don’t know how she did it but when her crew was done the house looked like a totally different place.

Before this experience I knew that Pat ran a quality crew. However, during this experience I realized that no other company could have executed this job in the short amount of time with the attention to detail and a job well done as Pat Claybrook did.”


Catherine Walters


“I wanted to take the opportunity to express to you how satisfied we are with your services. As a retailer for Verizon Wireless, our professional image is everything. Your staff is able to not only keep our 32 locations clean to our exacting standards and expectations, but they also do a fantastic job managing our cleaning and basic office supplies. You have always been sensitive to our special needs relating to helping us keep our costs down and even reduce many existing costs by partnering with us on our supply management.

I have found Jidan Cleaning to be able to respond immediately to our “emergency” cleaning situations. There have been many times when I called you with a cleaning emergency and you far exceeded my expectations on how quickly you were able to help us.”

Tommy Lucas

Cellular Sales


“I have used Jidan cleaning services in my home and office and was completely satisfied with their level of professionalism and detailed attention to cleaning. It is very rare that you get a company with both attributes.”


Susan Liberta

Great Gifts/Margaritaman Party, LLC


“I own a busy take-out restaurant. We get a great deal of foot traffic on our tile floors. We hired Jidan to clean our storefront. They left it looking brand new! Exceptional attention to details!”

Bobbi Hess

Good Foods to Go!



“We switched to Jidan’s service in 2007 and have been completely satisfied with their level of service and commitment. Their proactive approach has made a noticeable difference. Our office has never been cleaner and we never have to worry about our office appearance when we have guests in, or visits from clients. One less thing to worry about in our busy day.”


Julien Millet-Scinor, Partner

Jay & Em Enterprises