New Year, New Slate: 5 Underrated Productivity Hacks to Adopt in 2024 

New Year, New Slate: 5 Underrated Productivity Hacks to Adopt in 2024 

Tired of constantly wading through paperwork, tripping over cords, and clearing off messy desks? We hear you. There’s nothing that puts a damper on workplace productivity and morale more than clutter. Buried beneath the muck, however, is the truth: most folks lack systems.

It’s like going to the gym, sitting on your hands, and hoping for results. Meanwhile, your body isn’t being conditioned. Regimens, however, create infrastructure and carve a path toward productivity. It’s a muscle—flex it every day and you’ve got it “maid.” 

It’s no wonder public facilities—from academia to manufacturers—rely on professional cleaning services. Fortunately, it’s a perfect time to turn over a new leaf. Or better yet, a well-worn rug or couch cushion. Jidan Cleaning is a welcome flip to any flop…so what’s our secret?        

Productivity and Efficiency in the Workplace  

Here are five professional cleaning tips that, when activated, will revitalize your space over the next 12 months. 

1.   Invest in Deep Cleaning

Are you rolling in the deep? Like steam cleaning, grout scrubbing, wax coating, and polishing? To prepare for a heavy lift: 

  • Schedule when workplace activity is light (i.e. a holiday break)
  • Gather all needed cleaning supplies
  • Double-check HVAC systems for proper ventilation
  • Place area rugs and temporary fixtures in storage

We recommend starting from the top back corner of the office and working your way out. Follow the CDC’s two-step cleansing process:  

  • Remove visible dirt with a soap and water solution
  • Disinfect all hard surfaces 

Follow it up by shampooing carpets and vacuuming all floors.

Feeling overwhelmed by the “deep clean” to-do list? Outsource these labor-intensive tasks to a top-notch cleaning crew—one who won’t sully your good name. A white-glove treatment, done right, is the gold standard for a complete refresh. And like the saying goes, you ARE the company you keep.  

2.  Address Health and Safety Concerns

Employees perform at their best in functional and favorable workspaces. So read up on common winter viruses and disinfectant techniques to reduce airborne illness. Follow OSHA guidelines to inspect foreseeable hazards. Make a plan to address other probable threats head-on.  

For example, seemingly innocent cords can cause multiple issues in the workplace. They’re easy to trip and fall over and may cause electrical shocks when damaged. Wires pose a fire risk, too, especially if outlets or extensions are overloaded. 

We suggest: 

  • Investing in a surge protector
  • Labeling all your cables
  • Concealing them somewhere safe and out of sight 

Honestly, the punch list is long and we’ve only scratched the surface. 

3.   Declutter Your Space (At a Minimum, Quarterly)

Reclaim a messy office by taking inventory of what you do (and don’t) need. Sort your items into three piles: what you use daily, what you use occasionally, and what’s expendable. Organize based on each pile:

  • Keep the items used daily within reach. Pens and pencils can be stored in a cup on your desk. Important files and chargers can be placed in a top drawer. 
  • Keep items used occasionally in storage. Deploy cabinets for reference manuals and old files. Stack extra pencils, rubber bands, and staples in bottom-rung drawers. Hang shelves or buy small bins for additional batching and compartmentalization.  
  • Remove items you never use. Consider what you might donate and what you can throw out. Unless it’s absolutely necessary to keep paper records, scan documents digitally, shred sensitive materials, or recycle the originals. 

4.   Set Up a Habitual Routine

Streamlining your desk is only half the battle—you also need a system to keep it tidy. Plan for what will happen when a new item enters your workspace. Ideally, you should immediately determine its frequency of use, then act accordingly. If that’s not feasible, take inventory at day’s end to avoid major pileups. 

Despite employing a cleaning crew, get into the habit of disinfecting and sweeping your space regularly. Reserve five minutes daily, or up to 15 minutes, for an end-of-week cleanse. 

Want a major motivator? Take a photo of your office immediately after being deep cleaned and decluttered. Keep it as a reminder of how your space can (and should) operate. After all, a healthy sampling of physical and mental hygiene increases focus. You can’t put a price on that sense of pride and productivity. 

5.    Reset Your Mind

We get it—cleaning is yet another task to add to your overflowing schedule. When that temptation creeps in to slack off, remind yourself that an organized office leads to…

  • Fewer sick days

Now that’s the mark of a happier, more productive workplace.

Let Jidan Cleaning help you leave the debris in 2023. Make a clean sweep of your space. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!