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Dec 01 2023

Put Your Best “Floor” Forward: ...

Put Your Best “Floor” Forward: How to Refinish and Maintain High-Traffic Areas

They say first impressions count—what do your floors convey about your business? Are they polished to a shine? Provide a vibrant and inviting feel? Or are there signs of erosion–cracks, scuffs, and grime? If it’s the latter, we understand. Your high-traffic areas may see dozens (or even hundreds) pass through daily. Frequent foot traffic, plus […]

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Oct 01 2023

After the Dust Settles: A ...

After the Dust Settles: A Guide to Successful Construction Site Cleanup

Ask any foreman or project manager… there’s something special about the end of a construction job. The whirl of saws subsided, the last nail hammered, and a final coat of paint shines. The finished building is a blank canvas, prepped and ready for future occupants. Well…almost. There’s one last task to complete before handing over […]

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Jul 01 2023

Quality Control Practices: Harnessing the ...

Quality Control Practices: Harnessing the Power of CompuClean® and Halt Disinfectant

Quality control is critical to any organization, ensuring that products and services meet or exceed customer expectations. In industries where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount, such as healthcare facilities and schools, effective quality control single-handedly saves lives.   So let’s put the experts under the microscope. What sets one commercial cleaning company apart from the others? To sum it […]

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Apr 01 2023

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? ...

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? Avoid These 6 Red Flags at All Costs  

Picture this… It’s the end of the month, and you’re staring at the sales report. Your team worked hard, but the numbers are not what you had hoped. You have a decision to make to stay afloat—what budgetary line item doesn’t make the cut?    You’ve likely been here before if you’ve managed a small business […]

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Feb 01 2023

Commercial Floor Cleaning: Your Guide ...

Commercial Floor Cleaning: Your Guide to Winter Weather Protection

Break out the boots – your feet will need more traction. And your hallways will show more dirt, cause baby, it’s cold outside!      Northeast winters are known for their fluctuating temps. From frigid ice to muddy slush, you’re bound to track outdoor grime through your office space or facility. There’s no “perfect” substitute for […]

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Nov 01 2020

Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces in the ...

Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces in the Wake of Covid-19

You’ve most likely expanded your facility’s cleaning measures to keep employees, clients, and visitors safe during this very challenging time. However, did you include in your new plan a way to keep the most at-risk high-touch surfaces of your business sanitized amid COVID-19 and flu season?  In this article, we’re going to focus on these […]

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Aug 01 2020

How Do You Define Clean ...

How Do You Define Clean During a Pandemic and Beyond?

After months of uncertainty, every American is undoubtedly ready to get back to work – from business owners and property managers to the employees, vendors, and clients who occupy their facilities. There’s one big question on everyone’s mind? How to do it safely?  The prospect of reopening can seem daunting. But, there’s good news. It’s […]

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Jul 01 2020

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

As we continue to adapt to life amid the COVID-19 crisis, it’s important to revisit the measures that can help us reduce or prevent the spread of the virus. Indoor air quality is especially timely as many business owners and facility managers are welcoming employees and clients back to the workplace. Since the risk of […]

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Jun 01 2020

Facility Cleaning for a Successful ...

Facility Cleaning for a Successful Reopening and Recovery

As a business owner, property, or facility manager, planning is probably one of your strong suits. But even the most prepared couldn’t have foreseen the unexpected circumstances that forced one in four American businesses to close temporarily during the coronavirus shutdown. Now, with states cautiously restarting their economies, planning for a safe recovery, and reopening that includes […]

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May 01 2020

Post-Construction Clean-up: Details Make a ...

Post-Construction Clean-up: Details Make a Big Difference

Whether you’re a contractor, or project or facility manager working on a small commercial renovation or a brand new building, you know how important the final clean can be. Since your new building’s real beauty is probably hidden under a thick layer of sawdust, post-construction clean-up is one of the most essential tasks amid everything else that needs […]

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