Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? Avoid These 6 Red Flags at All Costs  

Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service? Avoid These 6 Red Flags at All Costs  

Picture this…

It’s the end of the month, and you’re staring at the sales report. Your team worked hard, but the numbers are not what you had hoped. You have a decision to make to stay afloat—what budgetary line item doesn’t make the cut?   

You’ve likely been here before if you’ve managed a small business or public facility. Monies must be reallocated elsewhere to offset costs. Some folks dial back on personnel hours, while others take a hard look at vendor relationships.

How do you make a clean break?

Sorry to say, but the answer isn’t found in a sales report. You’re just creating a buffer—a potentially dangerous one. Instead, seek out the long-term implications of skimping vs. saving.

Cheap commercial cleaning, or the lack thereof, soils its name.

Last fall, Forbes dished the dirt on a Michigan nutritional plant. It wasn’t pretty—the manufacturer was deemed “egregiously unsanitary,” forced to suspend production, and caused a mass shortage of baby formula during peak inflation. Mothers were scrambling, employees lost wages, and contaminated products only eroded health (not to mention, trust).

You can see when one domino topples, no one is immune. Unfortunately, the pandemic only echoed this sentiment. So even if you’re running a small lecture hall, or modest medical office, trim sanitation and you could pay the ultimate price.

So, it begs the question…
In your place of business, is general disinfection a compulsory checkpoint? Or a perceived burden to toss in the trash?                  

Here are six red flags that could have detrimental impacts.

  1. Quick Turnarounds

The health of your employees, customers, and visitors is at stake. Improper cleaning methods—often commonplace in the bathroom or kitchen—can breed illness and threaten productivity. Cleaners who call themselves “economical” (keeping prices much lower than average competitors) often work quickly. Taking the time to deep clean is a non-negotiable for your people and your pockets. Remember this, if nothing else.

  1. Inexperience

They aren’t called professional cleaning services for nothing. Teams that spend time and attention training employees on best practices, and quality assurance measures, offer a different level of diligence than companies that don’t. Many inexpensive service providers don’t have the resources for education, guidance, and ongoing skill-building. And that inexperience isn’t just a missed opportunity—it’s often missed regulations, too.

  1. Unreliability

Sick days are inevitable within the workforce, but when you outsource critical business operations, like cleaning, you should be able to count on someone showing up to do the work on time – rain or shine. Less expensive cleaning companies, however, may not be as reliable as more expensive options if they don’t have a deep bench to account for absenteeism. This could also mean they may not be able to accommodate your schedule, particularly when staff is sparse, and a shoestring budget dictates the same. Lost productivity and revenue is a surefire dealbreaker.

  1. Inadequate Industry Standards

Cleaning supplies and equipment are not cheap—and when they are, you should doubt their quality and efficacy. A superior commercial cleaner will utilize state-of-the-art technology and the safest and most effective chemicals on the market today. Furthermore, where lower-cost companies may cut corners, experienced professionals take the time to learn about your high-traffic areas and facility needs. That’s how to do the job right.

  1. Lack of Insurance Coverage

Many small business owners don’t realize that cleaning companies have their own specific insurance needs. These policies protect both the company and its clients from liability issues, workers’ compensation, and other unforeseeable shakeups. Unfortunately, if you’re contracting with a discounted outfit, you may get stuck holding the bill for any insurance-related incident in your facility. Ironic, too, when paying less for a service is more than you bargained for, so check before signing on the dotted line.     

  1. Hidden Costs

There’s a vast difference between hiring professional infection prevention experts or a cheaper janitorial company. If you choose the latter, you sometimes inherit hidden fees such as liability insurance, supplies and materials, and compliance standards. In addition, you’re now the safety official and facility director shouldering money, time, and legalese.

Commercial Cleaning for Small Business: The Real Payday Comes When the Math Adds Up 

The truth is there are plenty of ways for small businesses to cut costs without resorting to a subpar cleaning solution. While times may be tight, the need for a healthy and productive workforce has never been more critical.

When trying to make ends meet, there’s a reason you employ a company that offers fully customized cleaning protocols. You can trust that Jidan Cleaning leaves others in the dust (metaphorically speaking!). We have your back and will continue to be your partner in optimizing the best plan to meet your budget.

Now that makes dollars and sense. Doesn’t it?