What is ATP Testing? This Evidence-Based Technology “Cleans House” With Unbeatable Accuracy 

What is ATP Testing? This Evidence-Based Technology “Cleans House” With Unbeatable Accuracy 

You ramped up cleaning protocols at the height of the pandemic. So, how has your commercial business fared over the past three years?

In any industry, it’s important to assess the effectiveness of your procedures from time to time. Where decontamination and sterilization are concerned, it’s essential. If you haven’t adapted your plans since 2020, it’s time to take a closer look, continue what’s working, and tweak what isn’t.

Experts recommend using a method called ATP testing to determine if your surfaces are, in fact, making the grade.

How Does ATP Testing Work?

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is an energy molecule found in living cells. The measurement or presence of this molecule is commonly referred to as ATP Testing. When a reading is high, microorganisms, like bacteria, are surviving on your surfaces. Yes, even after you’ve wiped, mopped, sprayed, and purified your surroundings.   

The bad news…

This means your cleaning protocols need a serious update.

The good news…

This also means you can test your space on the spot, leverage instant results in minutes, and recalibrate how you sanitize stubborn, soiled areas.

So… how does it work?

  • Clean surfaces using your usual protocols.
  • Rub the designated cotton swab around high-touch zones to gather microbes.
  • Insert the swab into a tube filled with reagent solution.
  • Use the assay reader to review and record the results.
  • It’s recommended to test before and after disinfecting.

Laboratory-level evaluations provide your commercial business or public facility with bleeding-edge tools of the trade.  In fact, studies show that the evidence-based testing is highly conclusive, driving improved safety and sanitation by 40% to 82%. And that’s only the beginning.

Business Benefits

  1. Looking spiffy keeps you out of a jiffy.
    Hygiene is paramount for your staff and clients, particularly during cold and flu season. You don’t want sniffles to turn viral or, worse, incur negligence or liability issues due to glaring oversights. ATP testing is stringent, and the buck stops there…keeping employees healthy and customers safe from harmful—even life-threatening—transmissions.     
  1. A team works best when they know what’s next.
    Training your employees on best practices is a tall order, especially when cleaning duties are a large part of your logistics. Let’s say you run a medical clinic or manufacturing plant where OSHA compliance and allergen tracking are rife.  ATP testing gives your employees unmistakable feedback on how well they’re meeting and exceeding cleaning objectives and widespread controls.
  1. Adherence to the sanitation protocols necessary for your business is challenging without accountability. APT Testing will give you tangible results to ensure that your protocols are being followed to the letter.

Testing and measuring gives a clear indication as to whether you should apply urgency and explore solutions to lower your ATP test scores.

At Jidan Cleaning, we know the “ABCs” of ATP Testing. It’s why mid-Atlantic businesses (schools, rec centers, clinical practices) rely on us. Want to add this commercial cleaning solution to your facility-wide protocols? You can be assured that pros like us are measuring the impact on your business–every swipe and swab at a time.  So, make a sweeping gesture… partner with us. And say goodbye to germs for good.