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Sep 01 2021

The Importance of Sanitizing and ...

The Importance of Sanitizing and Cleaning a Commercial Space

Thank you to Andrea Erickson for this post. She is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials and a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Andrea is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes. […]

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Aug 01 2021

Six Ways to Support Your ...

Six Ways to Support Your School’s Janitorial Staff

As an essential part of your team and facility, your janitorial staff needs support. Administrators and custodial staff have a lot of similarities throughout their average workday. Both arrive on-site with a plan of how that day will go, and both are pulled in different directions to manage the most pressing crises at any given […]

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Jul 01 2021

The Best Deep Cleaning Methods ...

The Best Deep Cleaning Methods for Schools

Sticky floors, uncovered sneezes, gum under the desk. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that a school can ever be really “clean.” Unlike a residence or business, there are many more humans shuffling through the hallways of a school that can leave behind dirty, germ-infested environments.  So, what can you do to ensure a clean and […]

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Jun 01 2021

Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning ...

Finding the Right Commercial Cleaning Company

Last month’s blog compared customer service with personal relationships, both of which need the right fit, alignment of expectations, and quality communication. The same principles apply to finding the right commercial cleaning company. Often, you cannot learn those things about your relationship – or contractor – until you’re already committed. Here are six tips to […]

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May 01 2021

Your Jidan Cleaning Customer Experience

Your Jidan Cleaning Customer Experience

A good customer experience starts like any other relationship: you’re on the same page, share goals, and put your best foot forward. You feel special. But sure enough, over time, that brand new feeling fades, leaving you wondering, “do they get me at all?” You know the drill; you’ve been here before. But what if […]

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Feb 01 2021

Black History Month: A Celebration ...

Black History Month: A Celebration of African American Business Success

Black History Month: A Brief Background  Black History Month is celebrated and observed every February in the United States. The idea to formally recognize African American citizens’ achievements by inspiring national conversation began in September of 1915 when distinguished historian Carter G. Woodson and the renowned minister Jesse E. Mooreland founded the Association for the […]

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Nov 01 2020

Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces in the ...

Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces in the Wake of Covid-19

You’ve most likely expanded your facility’s cleaning measures to keep employees, clients, and visitors safe during this very challenging time. However, did you include in your new plan a way to keep the most at-risk high-touch surfaces of your business sanitized amid COVID-19 and flu season?  In this article, we’re going to focus on these […]

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Sep 01 2020

How Clean Are Your Restrooms?

How Clean Are Your Restrooms?

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. There are indeed many ways you accomplish this – but one simple act that speaks volumes: maintaining clean restrooms.  It’s no surprise that almost 90% of the US workforce directly connects the condition of their workplace […]

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Aug 01 2020

How Do You Define Clean ...

How Do You Define Clean During a Pandemic and Beyond?

After months of uncertainty, every American is undoubtedly ready to get back to work – from business owners and property managers to the employees, vendors, and clients who occupy their facilities. There’s one big question on everyone’s mind? How to do it safely?  The prospect of reopening can seem daunting. But, there’s good news. It’s […]

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Jun 01 2020

Facility Cleaning for a Successful ...

Facility Cleaning for a Successful Reopening and Recovery

As a business owner, property, or facility manager, planning is probably one of your strong suits. But even the most prepared couldn’t have foreseen the unexpected circumstances that forced one in four American businesses to close temporarily during the coronavirus shutdown. Now, with states cautiously restarting their economies, planning for a safe recovery, and reopening that includes […]

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