Your Jidan Cleaning Customer Experience

Your Jidan Cleaning Customer Experience

A good customer experience starts like any other relationship: you’re on the same page, share goals, and put your best foot forward. You feel special. But sure enough, over time, that brand new feeling fades, leaving you wondering, “do they get me at all?”

You know the drill; you’ve been here before. But what if this time was different? What if you found “the one?” 

Jidan Cleaning takes their relationships seriously, which means your commercial cleaning services are more than a means to an end, they are a partnership you can count on. Like any supportive relationship, it all comes down to three things – a spark, clear expectations, and communication.

Feel the Spark

This may not be a romantic scenario, but we believe that sparks can fly when you match the right staff with the right client. To find this chemistry, we make an effort to identify staff strengths and match clients’ needs. Jidan Cleaning was built from a mindset of continuous improvement. That applies to every person from the CEO on down. Our staff receives ongoing training, coaching and support to succeed, and, if the fit isn’t right, team members shift around until everyone lands where they will thrive.

Align Expectations

Today’s challenges of public health and safety issues have shifted some of the ways Jidan Cleaning operates. With new threats, fears, and mandates, plus nerves around every corner, the business has remained nimble to navigate unchartered waters. As needs and expectations change, the relationship and capabilities have to change to be successful. At Jidan Cleaning, we take extra care to understand what is required from each client and take that direction to those doing the work. So, at the end of the day, we are all focused on the same goals. We care for the obvious, so our clients can focus on the important!


Every customer experience has nuance and substance that make it unique; a large part of that is open and honest communication. Regular feedback flows from clients to the Jidan Cleaning staff and management team. It is Jidan Cleaning’s promise to prioritize those ideas and concerns, evaluate options, and facilitate effective and timely communication back to those same groups. Trust is essential for both parties to feel comfortable, and we take that responsibility seriously.

Your cleaning services partnership is not that different from any other relationship. We are not afraid of commitment. In fact, many clients who go with Jidan never leave. It’s simple, when you want to hire your last commercial cleaning company, you hire Jidan Cleaning.