The Importance of Sanitizing and Cleaning a Commercial Space

The Importance of Sanitizing and Cleaning a Commercial Space

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You most likely clean your commercial space on a regular basis, or perhaps you hire someone else to do it. Are you following up general cleaning with sanitization methods? And are you getting it clean enough? That’s the big question. With viruses running rampant and indoor air quality not what it should be, it’s essential to understand the often-missed areas so you can develop a comprehensive plan that addresses every part of your facility.

Cleaning Your Commercial Space

Oftentimes you may not even think about specific spots that need cleaning in your commercial space. Some of the most common places you address are probably bathrooms and kitchens. However, have you ever realized that your mailboxes are hot spots as well? What about your ceiling panels, backdraft dampers, and floors? 

Though all of these areas need a thorough cleaning to prevent significant issues, check out the list below of places to keep in mind when it comes to commercial space cleanliness and disinfection.

Ceiling Panels

When you have a panel or decorative ceiling, it’s essential to have it cleaned regularly. The ceiling panels can become quite dusty or even hold on to bacteria or viruses that you can’t see. That’s why regular cleaning of the area will help to reduce all issues. In addition, people with sensitive breathing issues can have trouble even when the smallest amount of dust is left behind. By having routine cleaning of the panels, you can all breathe easier.


These are high-traffic zones in commercial spaces. Whether you have a counter at your office entrance or a kitchen countertop in a restaurant, these are usually busy locations that should be cleaned and sanitized often. Some surfaces, such as quartz countertops and stainless steel, may have their own unique regimens. However, a bottle of disinfecting solution and paper towels can quickly clean most surfaces.

Backdraft Dampers

This area is a prime spot for dust, dirt, and grime to build up. A backdraft damper helps contaminated air to flow out of the facility but prevents it from sweeping back in. Cleaning your backdraft dampers is a simple way to stop the accumulation of debris. Having your cleaning crew or company take care of these regularly will benefit the building and your employees by improving the airflow and air quality.


Cleaning and sanitizing the floors every day is a great way to remove germs, dust, dirt, debris, and other items that have been carried in on the shoes of everyone who entered. It’s also a task you’ll need to do whenever a spill happens. Spills or leaks left on the floor can lead to an employee or client slipping or falling. So, these need to be managed immediately to prevent accidents.

Mailbox Areas

Cleaning your vertical wall mount mailbox, another high traffic area, should also be completed daily. Unfortunately, these are sometimes forgotten and crucial to prevent the spread of viruses and infections. 

If you want to take cleaning off your to-do list, consider bringing in a professional cleaning company.

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