How Clean Are Your Restrooms?

How Clean Are Your Restrooms?

Making your employees feel valued and appreciated is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. There are indeed many ways you accomplish this – but one simple act that speaks volumes: maintaining clean restrooms. 

It’s no surprise that almost 90% of the US workforce directly connects the condition of their workplace restrooms with how much the company values its employees. Clients, visitors, and guests also keep a keen eye on the cleanliness of your restroom. If it doesn’t pass muster, your business could be at stake.

These are significant reasons to keep a clean restroom, but they’re not the only ones. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, stepped up standards of cleanliness are now the norm. Stakeholders, concerned for their safety, expect nothing short of top-notch sanitizing processes in public spaces. Falling short could mean falling behind your competition. 

Don’t let budgetary concerns hold you back from hiring the cleaning staff you need. Maintaining a clean restroom is an extremely cost-effective strategy. Why? Because reducing the spread of pathogens means fewer employees out sick and fewer dips in productivity. Plus, having a clean restroom means you comply with OSHA regulations – and no fines for your facility.

Here are some of our best maintenance strategies for keeping your restrooms clean and sanitized.

Conduct Spot Checks Throughout the Day 

Cleaning staff should visually inspect restrooms multiple times per day to ensure they’re in good order, and address the following:  

  • Cleaning. Toilets and sinks should be wiped down, disinfected and sparkling. Trash receptacles should be emptied, and floors should be clean and free of debris. Make sure the mirrors are shiny, not grimy.
  • Water Hazards. Clean up any spills, leaks or standing water immediately. Damp conditions breed mold, odor and unsightly conditions. In addition, puddles left unaddressed could result in slips and falls. 
  • Supplies. Check all dispensers. Good hygiene isn’t possible if the paper towel or soap dispensers are empty. Toilet paper should always be fully stocked, as well.
  • Maintenance Bring any service issues to the attention of the property manager immediately. These could include broken stall locks or automatic hand dryers, clogged toilets, and any other appliances or areas that need repair. 

Deep Clean Every Night 

Keeping your restrooms in check throughout the day goes a long way toward maintaining sanitary conditions. The next step is routine after-hours cleaning, which is more detailed than spot checks and should only happen when guests and employees aren’t present.  

In addition to the items noted for spot checks, the nightly cleaning requires a dusting from the top down, followed by thorough cleaning and full disinfection of all high touch surfaces including toilets, stalls, handles, light switches, faucets, sinks, doors, and floors. 

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance 

While daily tactics do the heavy lifting on a cleaning schedule, checking in on larger maintenance items at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the year ensures nothing small (like a leaky pipe) turns into something big (like a burst pipe). 

These intervals are also the perfect time to conduct an even deeper clean of your facility such as scrubbing and waxing floors, replacing tile grout and cleaning floor drains.

If you’re a business owner or property manager, keeping a clean facility should always be top-of-mind– and that includes restrooms. But if you want to take cleaning off your to-do list, consider bringing in a professional.

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