5 Great Apps to Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

5 Great Apps to Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation

Think you still have plenty of time to make those vacation plans? Well, think again. It’s already August. Yep, just like that –  summer is almost over. So, if you love to travel, (or even need to plan a business trip) but you’re in a pinch for time, here are five apps to help make it faster and easier to plan your next getaway.

For the Airline Traveler:

Hopper – if you want to find the absolute cheapest flight rates then this free mobile app for Android and iOS is for you. Not only does Hopper send notifications when your flight is at the lowest predicted price but you can also book your ticket right in the app too. Named one of the best apps by New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Buzzfeed, there’s no spam, annoying ads or popups with this little gem either.

Google Trips – this app organizes your plane, car and hotel reservations from your Gmail all in one place. It also works offline, so you don’t have to be connected to Wi-Fi to access your itinerary. And speaking of itineraries, it can build custom plans based on your destinations and the length of your trip. You can select a general itinerary like “24 hours in New York” or get more exact excursion ideas that focus on shopping, museums, or other activities. Available for Android or IOS.

Tripit –  like Google trips, this free app organizes all your travel reservations into one neat plan. Forward your reservation emails to the app, and it consolidates important dates, times, and confirmation numbers. If you’re using Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, no forwarding needed. The app will import your information automatically. You can also access TripIt from any device with a web browser and share it with your friends and family. Plus, it can store your important travel documents and help you with directions, maps, weather, and more. And you can even view your itinerary offline. The Pro version ($49 per year) for business travelers can keep track of your frequent flyer miles and even help you get a refund if your trip plans change. Available for iPhone or iPad and the Apple watch.

For the Road Tripper:

Waze – this app is not only perfect for navigating your next excursion by car, but Waze makes every-day travel quicker and easier too.  The app’s high-tech GPS system gives you the fastest route to your destination and helps you avoid traffic jams and accidents. It will even reroute you as road conditions change. Waze works anywhere, so it’s perfect for driving when you’re away from home and unfamiliar with your surroundings. You can also find gas stations with the cheapest prices and get police and speed alerts while you drive. It’s available for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

GasBuddy is a community-based fuel app that helps you find the cheapest gas near you. And if you need to make a pit stop, this app gives you recommendations on the cleanest stations with the best coffee too! You can also find gas stations by distance or price. The app offers points and perks for reporting gas prices to help others find cheap gas. GasBuddy also partners with businesses for more helpful features such as fuel price management, measurement, and even advertising opportunities. Available for both iPhone and Android.

Our smartphones make it easier than ever to do almost anything – even vacation planning. And these apps are pretty user-friendly, so you don’t even have to be all that techy to use them. Download them today and get those travel plans arranged before the end of summer.