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Jul 05 2017

When Was The Last Time ...

When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Hiring Strategy?

Hiring is one of the most difficult but necessary activities that we’re faced with as small business owners. If done right, it is the key to building a successful organization and reducing your staff turnover. At Jidan Cleaning, our hiring procedures have evolved over time through much trial and error.  We are always refining our […]

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Feb 28 2017

Are You Tired of Your ...

Are You Tired of Your Underachieving Team?

The Problem Almost all small business owners encounter some of the same challenges – ineffective teams, mediocre managers and shrinking budgets. These were my normal, and they were having a trickle-down effect on my business. Staff turnover was high. Employee morale was low, and I couldn’t offer my clients the level of service I was […]

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