When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Hiring Strategy?

When Was The Last Time You Looked At Your Hiring Strategy?

Hiring is one of the most difficult but necessary activities that we’re faced with as small business owners. If done right, it is the key to building a successful organization and reducing your staff turnover.

At Jidan Cleaning, our hiring procedures have evolved over time through much trial and error.  We are always refining our systems. We truly believe our employment approach has helped in so many areas of our business that I thought it would be valuable to share.

Our Process

  1. For starters, we are now looking for different types of applicants. People with larger skill sets that can do much more than clean. Our focus is on identifying candidates that are professional, reliable and can communicate effectively with clients and be responsive to their needs.
  2. We’ve also improved the application process and added a way for people to apply right from our website. After we receive applications, we use a process map to move qualified applicants through our hiring structure.
  3. After the initial application review, candidates will go through our multi-step interview practice that starts with a 30-minute phone screening. The next step is a face-to-face interview with the president or operations manager. In this phase, we offer typical client scenarios and challenges and ask for feedback. We also encourage candidates to ask us questions. The relationship must be a good fit for both parties.
  4. The interviewer then completes an interview evaluation form.  Once it’s reviewed by the hiring team, a decision is made.
  5. If a position is offered, it’s contingent on background checks and reference verification. At a minimum, we do a criminal background check on every employee. If our clients require more (drug testing, etc.), we will handle that too.
  6. Once hiring is complete, new employees start on a 30-day orientation period which includes one-on-one support, shadowing of other team members, and regular supervisor check-ins. One of the most important lessons we’ve learned along the way is to invest in our team from day one.

We are proud of the Jidan Cleaning team. They are the face of our business and continue to reflect the professional, quality services that our clients have come to rely on.

As our business grows and our needs change, we have learned that taking the time to reevaluate the systems that are working and those that aren’t is an important practice in building a successful organization.