Jan 01 2019

Why You Need a Mentor… ...

Why You Need a Mentor… No Matter What You’re Selling

Hello, 2019! Oh, how we love a “clean slate” at Jidan Cleaning! Like any other year, things are sure to evolve at a fever pitch. Just think about your everyday experiences in an automated society: social media, music streaming, and laundry pick-ups and drop-offs. We can schedule, create a list, and power through organized routines at the […]

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Nov 28 2018

Hosting a Holiday Office Party? ...

Hosting a Holiday Office Party?  Big Ideas for Small Business Owners on a Budget

Congregate and celebrate! December is the final stretch of the year blanketed under twinkling lights, hot cocoa, and laughter. It’s also a delicate time when you need to give you and your small business a breather. A time to exhale! Just the same, your employees are itching for hard-earned downtime. Yet, your purse strings are […]

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Nov 01 2018

Is Your Facility Ready for ...

Is Your Facility Ready for Frigid Temps?   Adopt a Winter Preparedness Plan

As the saying goes, “mother nature waits for no one.” The fact is, if you’re grabbing that heavy coat, the first snowflake is imminent. But before cranking the heat for winter, plan on buttoning up your office or commercial space in preparation. After all, getting squeezed by the freeze is completely preventable. The Cold Facts […]

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Oct 01 2018

You’re Washing Your Hands All ...

You’re Washing Your Hands All Wrong…  And It’s Making You Sick

Do you remember your mom telling you to wash your hands before dinner? How about the “after” though? After swiping on your phone, handing over your credit card, or touching public railings and doorknobs? While a toilet seat is a hot-bed of bacteria (duh!), it’s actually more sanitary than your kitchen sponge, toothbrush, and cell phone. That’s […]

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Sep 01 2018

The 5 Best Small Business ...

The 5 Best Small Business Podcasts You Should Be Listening to… Pronto

Coffee? ✅ Cell phone in hand? ✅ Today’s to-do list ready? ✅ Walking out the door on time? ✅ That’s the rallying cry of an organized business owner. And, no doubt, another daily task on that list – feeding your brain cells. If you’re one of the 68 million Americans listening to podcasts monthly, go […]

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Aug 01 2018

Cue the Ewww… What’s the ...

Cue the Ewww… What’s the Most Contaminated Destination  You’re Likely to Visit this Summer?

Summer is synonymous with vacation. And no one is more deserving of downtime than small business owners. So, you’ve got everything covered in preparation for your mass exodus. Your out-of-office email is set, files are tucked away, and your desk is looking mighty tidy. But, there’s one giant mess you surely won’t avoid on your […]

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Jul 13 2018

4 Easy Ways to Onboard ...

4 Easy Ways to Onboard A Commercial Cleaner You’ll Love

Dirty windows, missed trash cans, and complaints that are never addressed. Are you a building or facility manager longing for a commercial cleaning team that makes your life easier, not harder? A team that takes initiative and delivers white glove service every single time? Are you settling for subpar work because the thought of making a […]

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May 18 2018

Small Business Owners: Taking a ...

Small Business Owners:  Taking a Vacation Will Help Your Brand, Not Hurt It

We use sunscreen to protect our skin. We create passcodes to secure our belongings. And plan vacations to unwind the mind. So why then are small business owners so afraid to unplug? In a 2017 survey by OnDeck Capital, only 32 percent of SBOs say they generally plan time away. We get it – delegation is […]

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Apr 26 2018

The “Mother Load” Of Life ...

The “Mother Load” Of Life Hacks: Oprah, Martha, And Everyday Housewives Are Giving Us A Cleansing Intervention

Who said cleaning was just about mopping up dust bunnies and vacuuming lampshades? Your mom knew that tidying up was about so much more than surface cleaning. She comes equipped with years of wisdom, decluttering solutions, laundering, and recipe making. And today’s working moms must contend with a whole other juggernaut (a.k.a. juggling act). With […]

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Apr 02 2018

Got Allergies? 5 Pet-Proof Ways ...

Got Allergies? 5 Pet-Proof Ways to Keep Your Office Safe and Dander-Free

Do you want happier employees? Maybe it’s time to loosen the leash a little. We get it. Running a business is no walk in the park, but perhaps your list of incentives should be. Dusting off the old foosball table, for instance, is a great perk. However, 41 percent of pet parents would rather have […]

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