Hosting a Holiday Office Party? Big Ideas for Small Business Owners on a Budget

Hosting a Holiday Office Party?  Big Ideas for Small Business Owners on a Budget

Congregate and celebrate!

December is the final stretch of the year blanketed under twinkling lights, hot cocoa, and laughter. It’s also a delicate time when you need to give you and your small business a breather. A time to exhale!

Just the same, your employees are itching for hard-earned downtime. Yet, your purse strings are already tight, and a holiday party could push expenses overboard. In fact, surveys by Challenger, Gray & Christmas report a steady spike in employer spending for the sake of group festivities.

Lucky for you, there’s a seasonal spirit this time of year, turning would-be molehills into wondrous magic. Adopt these money-saving ways to thank your employees for their dedication – no big budget production needed!

  • Employee Potluck

    This is a chance for employees to show off their culinary skills and family traditions. Post a sign-up sheet so folks can bring a variety of dishes and desserts. When everyone chips in, all can feast. And while your food is in good taste, the opposite could be true for your wardrobe. Lifestyle website, The Balance, says hosting an ugly sweater contest brings fun and fodder to the dinner table.

  • Self-Care Happy Hour

    Many local businesses offer group discounts for their wellness services. Laura Hamill, of Limeade, takes advantage of this notion toting a “Refresh Yourself” campaign for her employees. Chair massages, fruit infused water, yoga and meditation offer her team a sense of calm and peace away from the holiday hoopla.


This intention of pausing and centering is said to help enhance productivity too. Now that’s a small splurge with a lasting payoff.

  • Volunteer Work

    Escape the four walls of an office and team up with a local nonprofit. Volunteering offers up perspective during an otherwise “materialistic” shopping season. Studies show when we engage in something much larger than ourselves, we improve our mood and combat stress and anxiety. It’s a great time of year to start a new initiative. Get your team on board and find a worthwhile cause to support and carry it over into the new year. Giving back brings renewed energy, motivation, and vision that can spill over to both one’s personal and professional life too. Plus, playing “secret Santa” and helping others can be a spiritually enriching experience. So, heed this age-old advice: tis better to give than to receive.

  • Sharing Party Lines

    Careeraddict.com says don’t go “stag” when it comes to holiday partying. Split your budget in half, even thirds, by hosting one big soiree with adjoining companies in your building. You’ll be able to pool together resources on a grander scale and bond with your neighbors at the same time. Inexpensive activities like charades, karaoke, and watching movies can bring in-office parties up a notch. Pick someone to be the resident DJ and make a music montage of dance hits to set the pace. Mix, mingle, and jingle bell rock… you’ll be the coolest boss on the block.

And, when the confetti’s done streaming, don’t forget to call for reinforcements – Jidan Cleaning, of course! We’ll have your office polished, perfected, and primed just in time for the New Year… cheers!


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