The “Mother Load” Of Life Hacks: Oprah, Martha, And Everyday Housewives Are Giving Us A Cleansing Intervention

The “Mother Load” Of Life Hacks: Oprah, Martha, And Everyday Housewives Are Giving Us A Cleansing Intervention

Who said cleaning was just about mopping up dust bunnies and vacuuming lampshades? Your mom knew that tidying up was about so much more than surface cleaning. She comes equipped with years of wisdom, decluttering solutions, laundering, and recipe making.

And today’s working moms must contend with a whole other juggernaut (a.k.a. juggling act).

With carpooling, school activities, and 40 plus hour work weeks to balance, how can we live a relatively uncluttered life and keep our sanity in check (along with our physical surroundings)?

In celebration of Mother’s Day, here are six cleaning hacks everyone should know. Spoiler alert: you’ll want to soak up this sidesplitting advice like a sponge.

1. The Mother of Inspiration & Spirituality

“Our internal space has to be given the same level of respect and diligent attention as the external. This means constant cleaning. Sorting through the corners of the mind for any residue of doubt, resentment, guilt, shame or other negative feelings…If we don’t, then just as our closets, kitchens, garages, and bathrooms become overwhelmed, so too does the room of the soul.”
Oprah Winfrey, O, The Oprah Magazine

2. The Mother of Feng Shui Design

“Too many things in too small a space cut off flow, block creativity, and bury beauty, much like a bad cold can make it hard to breathe. Remove things from this space today.”
— Laura StaleyFounder of Cherish Your World

3. The Mother of Organizing & Decluttering

“Effective tidying involves only three essential actions. All you need to do is take the time to examine every item you own, decide whether or not you want to keep it, then choose where to put what you keep. Designate a place for each thing.”
Marie Kondo, The KonMari Method™


4. The Mother of Real Talk

“I am often catching myself saying things like, “I just cleaned this place!” or “I’m never cleaning again, what’s the point?” I have found though, there are a few things that can help in situations like this: a.) alcohol or chocolate and b.) a little perspective. The alcohol or chocolate is to calm those nerves and the perspective is…better to be living in a home with people you love that is a little messy than to be living alone in a house that is immaculately clean.”
Erin, Humor Writer & Midwestern Mom


5. The Mother of Authentic Imperfection

“Close bedroom doors to your kid’s rooms, so you forget how messy they are. Soak dishes in soapy water, so it appears you’re going to clean them. Let the dog clean up crumbs on the floor (get a dog if you don’t have one). If you can still see yourself in mirrors, don’t worry about cleaning them. Consider dusting… just laugh instead.”
Meredith Ethington, A Real Mom’s Guide to a “Clean” House


6. The Mother of DIY

And leave it to science and the domestic goddess, Martha Stewart, to drum up these definitive, yet beneficial reasons to err on the side of neat.

According to research, “someone’s level of empathy increases by nine percent if he or she lives in a clean home and by 12 percent if he or she contributed to the process. Clean people also have more chill. Simply being in a neat home makes 80 percent of people feel more relaxed, 60 percent feel less stressed, and 72 more productive.”

This Mother’s Day, lend a hand to the maternal figure in your life with all the chivalrous, hilarious, and serious cleaning hacks everyone should know. And, why not unload her plate (literally and figuratively)? Take care of a chore or offer to babysit for an evening.

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From our home to yours… Happy Mother’s Day!


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