Is Your Facility Ready for Frigid Temps? Adopt a Winter Preparedness Plan

Is Your Facility Ready for Frigid Temps?   Adopt a Winter Preparedness Plan

As the saying goes, “mother nature waits for no one.”

The fact is, if you’re grabbing that heavy coat, the first snowflake is imminent. But before cranking the heat for winter, plan on buttoning up your office or commercial space in preparation. After all, getting squeezed by the freeze is completely preventable.

The Cold Facts

Heed these tips and winter-proof your facility for the icy conditions ahead.

Energy Savings

The team at iOffice, a digital solutions provider, suggests revisiting maintenance records. In time, windows and doors lose insulation and weather-stripping will need replacement.

Higher utility bills, a prevalence of dust, and stuffy rooms could indicate a looming problem with ductwork. According to ENERGY STAR, leaks, holes, and poor construction account for 20 to 30 percent of the air loss in a duct system. While ducts are hidden in walls and crawl spaces, you can still spot red flags. A good contractor or facility manager can examine the system’s supply and return air balance. All registers and grills should be sealed, filters replaced, and a combustion safety test should be conducted following repair work.

Exposed pipes, on the other hand, are at the mercy of the elements. Heat tape or thermostatically controlled heat cables can be used to wrap pipes. Air leaks should be caulked or insulated to keep pipes from freezing. Ultimately, as the temperature drops overnight, be sure to trickle hot or cold water from the office kitchen sink. And open cabinet doors to allow heat to penetrate indoor plumbing and other areas containing un-insulated pipes.

Tightly sealed windows and ventilation systems save time, money, and future headaches. And to further reduce energy consumption, consider a telecommuting policy for employees. Significantly reduce heating and lighting costs by allowing employees to work remotely.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

The Federal Emergency Management Agency reports that 40 to 60 percent of small businesses close permanently after a weather-related disaster. Among companies that are closed for at least five days, up to 90 percent unwittingly fail within a year.

Don’t become a statistic. Be the solution for the sake of your livelihood, along with your employees.

  • Devise a communication policy.
    You should have a pre-determined process for contacting employees about office operations and closures, in addition to automated out-of-office responses. Employees should also have the tools and resources necessary to work from home.
  • Designate a spokesperson.
    Inform customers of your impending-weather conditions, hours, and slower response times. Emails and social media channels are ideal outlets to post notifications around the clock.
  • Leave snow removal to the experts.

Snow, ice, and sleet create slip and falls across public sidewalks and parking lots. Having a professional maintenance crew with front-end loaders and salt trucks is the best investment you could make for everyone’s safety.

Floor Maintenance and Safety

It’s also inevitable… with snow removal comes dirty office floors. As your staff and customers drag in wet shoes and salt residue, it wears down wax buildup and leaves a dull reflection. We recommend buffing waxed floors every two to three weeks to maintain shine and avoid extensive stripping come spring.

Jidan Cleaning’s multi-tiered process – scraping, floor scrubbing, and applying a protective sealant – leaves a rich and radiant finish. Diligent cleaning also leaves a flat, dry surface lessening chances for slippery corridors and lobbies.

What’s more? Now you can forget about constant trips to the store in bad weather. Rely on Jidan Cleaning to stock up on winter inventory — bathroom toiletries, first aid essentials, and janitorial supplies.

Call us at 609-714-0426 to learn more about Jidan Cleaning’s convenient Supply Stock-Up service and floor maintenance plans.

Don’t get left out in the cold. Be proactive and beat the “brrr” with these winter tips.

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