Got Allergies? 5 Pet-Proof Ways to Keep Your Office Safe and Dander-Free

Got Allergies? 5 Pet-Proof Ways to Keep Your Office Safe and Dander-Free

Do you want happier employees? Maybe it’s time to loosen the leash a little.

We get it. Running a business is no walk in the park, but perhaps your list of incentives should be. Dusting off the old foosball table, for instance, is a great perk. However, 41 percent of pet parents would rather have Fido at the office. That’s according to a study from Wellness Natural Pet Food which cites that our furry friends often boost morale and workplace performance.

So, let’s paws and look at the big picture. Productivity is every man’s best friend.  If four-legged creatures rule your office roost, safety and cleanliness should come with the package.

These guideposts will keep operations running smoothly… and go easy on your sinuses.

1. Spring Means Allergies

Ask your cleaning company to shampoo the carpets (sans harsh chemicals). This will help eliminate pet hair and dander rooted in the fibers. It will also help neutralize odors, so all you smell is the springtime breeze. In between shampoos, leave out some baking soda which absorbs unpleasant or musty scents.


 2. Minimize Any Harm

If plants in the office could be potentially poisonous to animals, remove them altogether. Be sure your ventilation system is enclosed with the proper covers and that wires aren’t exposed. This could otherwise lead to a very expensive (not to mention, dangerous) chew toy.

3. Hit the Supply Closet

Duct tape is your DIY hair remover when a lint roller isn’t enough. Dogs and cats shed – some more, some less – depending on the breed. Pat down your office furniture with this sticky tape to collect hair on contact.

4. Roll Out the Welcome Mat

Taking pets in and out of the office means more traction for dirt. House Beautiful suggests setting up a cleaning station featuring a heavy-duty doormat, towels, and a water spray bottle to rinse mud-soaked paws. After all, spring signals rain, yet the wet pavement shouldn’t gum up your floors too.

5. Have a Catch-All

For a non-toxic, hypoallergenic environment have a small arsenal of tools at the ready. PawCulture™, a lifestyle website dedicated to pet wellness, suggests Pogi’s Grooming Wipes, Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner, Nature’s Miracle Stain Remover, and a self-cleaning litter box for all of life’s messes.

Accidents are bound to happen – whether mother nature calls (woof!) or coffee spills (ugh!). Here’s a quick tutorial showcasing the do’s and don’ts of proper carpet stain removal.

Still, want to leave this process to the pros? No problem! Our team loves a hybrid space – the two-legged and four-legged kind.

How can we help you spring into action and keep your office looking bright, airy, and clean?

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