What Can One Employee Teach You About Success?

What Can One Employee Teach You About Success?

With Melvin, We Shine Brighter

New and old clients alike fall in love with Jidan Cleaning’s team of professionals. Their staff’s energy, initiative and genuine attentiveness make them a true frontrunner in their industry.

We sat down with one of Jidan Cleaning’s supervisors, Melvin Williams, to learn more about his work ethic, the unique company culture and their commitment to the community.


Melvin’s ability to build relationships, develop friendships, and lead in a positive manner are strengths he developed as a child while playing with his brothers and on the basketball court in college. As a point guard, he learned the importance of teamwork. He also learned how to push himself to be better.

Melvin’s older brother recalled recently that, “Melvin never cared about accolades on the basketball court. He was always the motor that made the team run.”

Today, Melvin takes that same approach to his work. He continues to focus on the team and be the engine that helps the Kroc Center shine every day.

Melvin’s been working with Jidan Cleaning for over three years and supervises a staff of 12 at the Camden Salvation Army Kroc Center. He manages and trains the cleaning staff at this 120,000 square foot community center with a hands-on leadership style that was cultivated from his youth.

Melvin and his twin brother were the youngest of five children born to a nurse and probation officer. From birth, Melvin’s mother instilled in him a strong work ethic along with a few words of advice that have stuck with him all of his life. “Melvin, no matter what you do, do the best job you can.” These words of wisdom stayed with him.

Throughout college, while working for the railroad, at Aramark, and now in his role at Jidan Cleaning, he gets his strength from his mother’s advice.

Personal Values

Melvin acknowledges that his work ethic and that of his team contributes to Jidan Cleaning’s continued success. He’s proud to admit that “what clients appreciate most is our hard work.”

He also understands that communication is key. And by keeping the lines of communication open and developing great client relationships, he and his team can quickly and effectively respond and address any concerns that may arise.

Melvin believes that they’re also successful because of the vision that Patricia Claybrook, owner of Jidan Cleaning, had of helping people and the community. “Jidan Cleaning is giving jobs to people in the community that might not have the opportunity to get a job somewhere else,” offers Melvin.

Making a Professional Difference

Not all cleaning businesses are the same, and some fall short because they don’t set a standard of expectations or provide the necessary training and support to their staff. Therefore, Melvin motivates his team by showing his appreciation for the big and small things they do. He often reminds them of their importance within and outside of the company, and he creates a safe environment for them to talk to him at any time.

In addition, Melvin believes that the Patricia does a wonderful job with her proactive approach to building a culture of professionalism with her employees. And because of her hard work and commitment to them, he and all the staff continue to grow both their cleaning and leadership skills.

One of the biggest life lessons that Melvin lives by is to give a positive exchange of love and energy to every person he comes into contact with. In his own words, Melvin believes that “a healthy place is a clean environment.”

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