What Goal Setting Can Really Do: 3 Surprising (and Profitable) Secrets

What Goal Setting Can Really Do: 3 Surprising (and Profitable) Secrets

We “cleaned house” over the past 12 months. Yet, Jidan Cleaning didn’t downsize—in fact, we did just the opposite!

We polished up (never smudging) some lofty aspirations. Here’s what our recent moves mean for you, our customers, and how a tidy environment secretly organizes and optimizes your bottom line.

Caution: We’re About to Pull the Rug Out From Under You in the BEST of Ways.

Ultimately, setting goals can be scary when you’re running a small business. Many owners avoid it altogether for fear of overreaching or missing the mark. And pesky marks are so difficult to spot treat – especially a permanent blotch on your reputation or quality standards.

However, successful entrepreneurs know that goal setting is a precursor to a thriving organization. Previously, I hadn’t taken the time to set “stretch goals” for Jidan. But now… I make it a priority all year long.

Taking a few moments to record short-term goals, every few months helps streamline daily tasks while assessing progress. Just the same, establishing long-term goals, at the beginning of a new year, leaves room for strategic planning followed by execution.

Goals Weren’t Meant to be Kept in a Vacuum

Here’s exactly how we’ve rolled up our sleeves while keeping a vested interest in your commercial space.

Stretch Goal #1: Incorporate monthly management training sessions.
Our training has greatly improved our leadership team’s overall communications and intricate dynamics. We’ve established a cooperative culture – one that truly helps us provide better services to our clients.

What this means for you…
We’ll stay cutting edge with a pledge to provide strict standards and the safest
cleaning products free of harsh scents and chemicals. This is our promise to help keep your office healthy, thwart sick days and absenteeism, and raise revenue as a byproduct.    

Stretch Goal #2: Hire a rock star assistant. 

It became glaringly obvious that I needed to find someone who could be an extension of “me” in the office. Someone with a similar personality and work style to manage phone calls, organize email, and track projects. I found that person and she has made an incredible difference in our company’s productivity levels, and most importantly, for my work/life balance.

What this means for you…
Chances are, you want to recruit top talent too. According to a
recent survey conducted by Ipsos, office aesthetics (including what the environment looks and feels like), plays a major role in attracting the best candidates. My assistant and the rest of the Jidan team are happy to be a conduit for positive first impressions.    

Stretch Goal #3: Leverage advisors and industry credentials.

In 2018, I’m working to establish a Jidan Cleaning Advisory Board to expand our organizational capabilities and community outreach. Another goal… scale our enterprise by obtaining a Small Business 8a certification.

What this means for you…
We can extend ourselves beyond day-to-day business mechanics and inspect other nooks and crannies… the hidden gems that most of our competitors miss. Expect white glove, concierge-like services designed to make your office an oasis. And in these frigid winter months, a pristine retreat is hard to beat.   

Even though we may not attain every goal – every time – the process of stretching beyond our comfort zone helps us to achieve more than we ever thought possible.

When thinking about goals for the upcoming months, remember to include plans that address many areas of your company: internal and external communications, community outreach, customer service, leadership development, continuing education, office design and cleanliness.

After all, success is reflected in our collective efforts. But, clearing the way should never feel like a chore. That’s what you’ve got us for…

Happy New Year!


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