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Jan 01 2021

Five Best Mentoring Practices for ...

Five Best Mentoring Practices for the New Year

If establishing a mentorship program at your company didn’t make the short list of New Year’s resolutions, there are plenty of good reasons to pencil it in. A mentorship program is a low-cost way to invest in your small business by supporting your employees’ growth.  According to a June 2019 Monkey Workplace Happiness Survey: Among […]

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Jan 13 2018

What Goal Setting Can Really ...

What Goal Setting Can Really Do: 3 Surprising (and Profitable) Secrets

We “cleaned house” over the past 12 months. Yet, Jidan Cleaning didn’t downsize—in fact, we did just the opposite! We polished up (never smudging) some lofty aspirations. Here’s what our recent moves mean for you, our customers, and how a tidy environment secretly organizes and optimizes your bottom line. Caution: We’re About to Pull the […]

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