The Top 10 Missed Spots During Office Cleaning

The Top 10 Missed Spots During Office Cleaning

December will be here soon, bringing warm, fuzzy feelings of joy and one not-so-festive event as well: the peak of flu season. Although most businesses do a great job of regularly keeping shared workspaces clean and tidy, even diligent office managers overlook some spots. Make sure the only thing your employees are spreading during this holiday season is cheer by remembering these ten often-missed spots during routine office cleaning: 

1. Plants

Plants can’t do their duty day after day keeping us calm, happy and creative if they’re covered in cobwebs and dust. A gentle wipe down with just plain old water keeps our little green friends in fine spirits so they can keep on keeping on. 

2. Furniture and upholstery 

Those chairs in the conference room do some heavy lifting, helping us sit straight during important meetings, but they’re often overlooked during office cleaning in favor of the conference table. Make sure they’re wiped down thoroughly of any lingering debris . Deep clean upholstery too. Be as thorough as possible and turn over the couch cushions to eliminate any dirt that’s gathered.  

3. Picture frames 

Cloudy glass and built-up grime just aren’t a good look for these champions of office cheer. Whether paintings, prints, mixed media art or photos from company gatherings, they should be free and clear of smudges to keep them looking their best. 

4. Light fixtures 

Let there be dim light! Wait…that’s not quite right. And neither is ignoring all the fixtures that illuminate the path to workplace productivity. Keep employees looking on the bright side with a regular sweep of these high-up helpers. 

5. High dusting

Speaking of looking up, how about the tops of modular furniture like partitions and room dividers? Hitting these hard-to-reach areas is one of the best ways to improve air quality in your office. And don’t miss the fridge! 

6. Switchplates and switches 

When it comes to office cleaning, keyboards and phones are such. attention. hogs. Showing your switches and their plates some love means cutting down on illness through the spread of germs. And who doesn’t love that? 

7. Door handles  

The road to workplace success is often paved with grimy, germy handles. Get your foot in the door without catching a cold for your head by making sure they’re sanitized regularly. 

8. Break room sink handles 

The stacks of dishes are done, and the sink plus the surrounding surface area is sparkling. Meanwhile, the goop and gack gala is still going strong over at the faucet. Put an end to the gooey gathering around sink handles and on the faucet pronto. 

9. Walls 

These strong, silent types are comfortable not sharing the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be ignored. Keeping them free of dust and scuffs keeps your office looking sharp so employees and clients enjoy hanging around. Oh, and don’t forget the baseboards! 

10. Office equipment  

Superheroes of workplace performance, the copy machine and printer can also be villains in disguise. A study conducted by Hloom found that the start button on the copy machine could harbor four times more germs than a doggie dish. That’s nothing to bark at, but it is something to sanitize, for sure. Give indoor air quality another boost by addressing all the dust that dwells behind this equipment too. 

Dirty office spaces are a drag on productivity and the reputation of your business. Now that we’ve ID’d some of the most often-overlooked areas, keep them looking top-notch with a commercial cleaning crew that knows how to get the job done. 

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