Ring in the New Year With These 3 Smart Business Organization Tips

Ring in the New Year With These 3 Smart Business Organization Tips

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…filled with fun events and festive holiday cheer. But amidst all the excitement, hustle and bustle, it’s important not to forget one important thing. When the celebrations are done and the confetti is cleared, a brand-new year will be here. Make sure you’re ready.

Follow these tips as you say goodbye to 2019 and hello to a productive 2020.

Organize like a pro.  

Before you dig into any kind of year-end review or 2020 planning, take a step back and reconnect with the basics. These business organization tips can help. A thorough office cleaning is a perfect way to kick off any year-end organization extravaganza. Be sure not to overlook these often-missed spots such as door handles and office equipment.

Once everything is sparkling, it’s time to assess the overall condition of your office. Are you utilizing the space in the most efficient way possible? Would reconfiguring an area or two help breathe new life into your business? These office storage solutions can help you find a place for everything stat, so your team can be more productive. 

Ready. Set. Goals. 

‘Tis the season for lots to do but it’s important to keep your cool during crunch time. Stay laser-focused on your Q4 goals and keep your team on task with a quick check-in every morning. Being crystal clear about what needs to get done vs. what isn’t essential ensures you’re addressing only the most crucial work. Once year-end performance indicators are being met, take a step back and get a bird’s eye view of 2019. An all-points review of the past year will inform your next step: developing a road map for 2020

Now’s also the time to make sure your marketing plan is up to snuff – while always keeping an eye on the competition. 

Deck the halls. With talent. 

With everything you have to accomplish in a day, it’s inevitable that some of it just won’t get done. Fix that by identifying some of the tasks that can be delegated to top staff members. If all plates are full, it may be a good idea to review your financials and get a hiring plan in place. 

The new year is also a great time to make sure all employees are aware of and on board with your company’s vision. Why is this so crucial? If your vision is one that employees believe in and share, you can bet that they’ll be the best advocates for your brand. Set aside some time to reflect on your team’s leadership skills as well, and outline opportunities for professional growth. 

Lastly, in the true spirit of the season, don’t forget to show appreciation to your staff and clients, too. Thank them for their support and dedication throughout the year. 

Happy Holidays from our Jidan Cleaning team to yours! 

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