Hide & Seek: Office Storage Solutions & Space Saving Tips

Hide & Seek: Office Storage  Solutions & Space Saving Tips

With fall in full swing and Halloween creeping up right around the corner, it’s a good time to touch on a truly hair-raising topic. Clutter. That silent and oh-so sneaky saboteur of workplace productivity. The innocuous cubicle companion that slowly sprawls across desks, concealing the items we need and revealing the ones we don’t. All tricks and no treats, it’s a formidable office foe. But putting the clutter bug in its place (or places) doesn’t have to be a painstaking process. These creative office storage solutions and space-saving tips can help take your team from swamped to a peaceful state of Marie Kondo-like bliss.


Being on the electrical grid definitely has its benefits. One drawback to all that connectivity? The tangled-up mess of wires that comes with it. Tidy up those tech devices with a cable zipper, but don’t forget to label each of your wires first! 


What to do with the mail supplies? Avoid a stockpile at multiple desks and save space by designating one shared spot for shipping. Be sure to outfit this area with all of the supplies they’ll need and don’t be afraid to get creative with a few fun touches: 

•    Paint an accent wall using your company’s primary brand color. 

•    Have a sign made with your company’s mission statement in an attractive font. 

•    Keep a binder with steps documenting the shipping process easily accessible in a prominent wall bin. (House items in obvious places, so employees know where to find what they need and where to return things when they’re done.)

•    Stoke team spirit by keeping photos from fun group outings on display.

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With the dawn of the digital age, there is an increasing number of ways to reduce paper use in the office. Surprisingly though, many companies still struggle with getting a grip on it. Here’s an incentive – research estimates that as much as 3% of a company’s revenue  is spent on paper and the outdated processes that go along with filing and storing it. Get thee to the cloud with easy-to-use online office storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive. Free scanning apps like Adobe Scan make it simple to file important documents digitally. Bonus points for removing your old physical scanner and those huge hulking filing cabinets. With all the extra space, you’ll have room to add a few plants, which have been shown to help reduce stress and increase creativity. 


Giant desks are going the way of the dinosaurs – extinct. Since space is increasingly at a premium, it makes sense to offer a smaller, more efficient option. Plus, once digital office storage solutions are in place, employees won’t need so many drawers. Consider investing in standing desks. Studies show that workers who move more during the day are more productive. 


Encourage employees to keep desks clutter-free with a stylish modular wall system. Available in a variety of customizable options, modular systems are a convenient and affordable way to keep clutter at bay.  Provide the pieces and let employees utilize them in a way that works best for them. 


Turn what some may view as dreadful – straightening up – into delightful and hold a quarterly clean-up challenge. Introducing some lighthearted fun into the process helps encourage participation and also builds team bonds. 

The benefits of tidying up are far-reaching, especially in the workplace. From increased productivity to improved morale and a lower turnover rate, keeping employees happy with a clean work environment can positively impact your company’s bottom line. Plus, a clean, organized work environment is one that employees can look forward to spending time in. 

Take advantage of these office storage solutions today and for help with the heavy lifting – top to bottom cleaning – we’re only a phone call or email away. 

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