Why are Customized Commercial Cleaning Plans So Important for Your School or Business?

Why are Customized Commercial Cleaning Plans So Important for Your School or Business?

Just as your staff, customers, and clients need individual attention and care, so does your facility. Unfortunately, effective commercial cleaning solutions are not one-size-fits-all; the wrong methods and materials can do more harm than good and waste valuable resources. That’s why Jidan Cleaning develops unique, sustainable solutions to clean and preserve every organization’s working environment.

A clean space is an investment in your business and your people, and it is essential to customize your routine cleaning to fit your building’s specific needs. Customized plans may include:

  • Identifying problems and high traffic areas
  • Deep cleaning methods
  • Janitorial team selection
  • Surface cleanser modifications
  • Timing and scheduling

Here are a few examples of how we work with our clients to provide unique plans that fit individual needs.

Case Study A

A client came to us with complaints of black marks and other scratches on hard floor surfaces. Our customized solution achieved both clean surfaces and long-term protection.

First, we ensured that the floors were mopped and waxed. Within 48-hours, the floor team returned to add 4-5 layers of new finish. Finally, wax was applied and sealed through burnishing; this process hardens the protective covering for the floor.

Depending on foot traffic, we can maintain the floor’s luster with a regular buffing program performed daily or several times throughout the week.


Routine cleaning is essential. Tailoring your approach can significantly impact your operations—for the better. Here are a few ways it can help:

  • Employee health concerns: allergies, virus contamination, common germs, unique pollutants, and other causes of employee absenteeism.
  • Unwanted smells: effectively deodorizing is a science, and each business has different causes and problem areas to address.
  • Efficient spending: when you pay for customized services, you get the most for your money and the exact services you need.
  • Collaborative solutions: the needs of your business will change and evolve, and a customized cleaning plan can adapt with you.

Case Study B

A school administrator had facilities that retained urine smells even after thorough cleanings. We eliminated those unwanted odors using our superior cleansers and systems.

We explained the urine that missed targets seeps into the grout around and underneath the toilets. Our Kaivac high-pressure washer is ideal for the bathroom. It tackles hard-to-reach areas, penetrating soils caked into the grout, wedged in corners, behind the toilet, and underneath urinal partitions. 

Once all the areas are pressure washed, the residue is vacuumed up with a high-power suction hose. The technique is used once a week, eliminating the smells and the chance for continued urine build-up.

Cost Savings

Some commercial cleaning companies don’t allow you to stray from packaged services, which means you might be spending on services that don’t benefit your business. An ala carte cleaning plan gives you a choice to select and pay for only what you need, giving you the best value for your money. 

Another significant benefit of a custom commercial cleaning solution is the continuous improvement of the service. As your expert team gets to know your facility, they can develop an efficient routine, giving them time and energy to identify additional ways to serve your space in greater detail.

If you are looking for a customized cleaning protocol for your space, reach out to a Jidan Cleaning today at 609.714.0426. We offer free consultations and onsite assessments.