To Clean or Not to Clean: Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

To Clean or Not to Clean: Why You Should Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service

Your workplace conditions ultimately reflect your success as a business owner. Whether you manage a factory, a 3rd-floor office space, or even a spare room in your home, an efficient, clean working environment can have a vital impact on your overall bottom line. A commercial cleaning service can help.

Why is cleanliness so important? Because a gleaming office can have significant benefits for your business. These are just a few:

1.   Reduced absenteeism 

2.    Increased productivity

3.    A professional, “can do” image for prospects and clients

Outsourcing your cleaning needs to a professional service eliminates the hassle for you as a business owner to do it yourself. Or, the worry about your internal staff handling it too. Here’s a closer look at why outsourcing this task is just smart business. 

1.    Healthier Workplace

According to ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), there is a strong connection between the cleanliness of an office and the well-being of its employees.  

Think about a cluttered desk. You can organize papers and straighten, but humans can be messy and even downright dirty. We sneeze, cough, and spill things all the time. Next thing you know, we are working on a germy, sticky surface. Gross. 

If you’re looking to run a healthy workplace consistently, especially during allergy or flu season, passing out hand sanitizer won’t cut it. This is where professional commercial cleaning services can be extremely valuable. They can sanitize and deep clean regularly getting to more than just the surface dirt.

2.    Reduced Absenteeism 

And, speaking of allergy and flu seasons, an unsanitary environment leads to higher absentee rates. It’s simple math really. People who have an illness often give it to others, and that means more and more people calling in sick. 

Insights for Professionals has reported, “the average employee loses nine working days a year to sickness, some of which is attributed to lack of workplace hygiene.”

By hiring a vendor with experience and expertise, they can rid your workplace of contagious and harmful germs that threaten your business productivity.  The good ones will get to the often missed spots that harbor the most bacteria, such as, door handles, light switches, phones and computer keyboards.

Additionally, many professional services tend to avoid using toxic cleaning chemicals in favor of “green” ones. Therefore, employees are less likely to come into contact with allergens and contaminants.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), green cleaners “are safer to use and less harmful to your health and the environment.”

3.   Professional-Looking Business

Have you ever visited a public restroom where trash cans are overflowing, or there’s no toilet paper?  First impressions can mean everything. Hiring an experienced commercial cleaning team is an effective way to maintain your workplace. Seasoned vendors have the resources and training to hit every nook and cranny consistently so you can avoid that bathroom embarrassment.

How does that saying go? “When you look professional, you are the professional.” And an organized, clean environment is more likely to become a successfully operating office. 

4.    Increased Productivity

It’s also no secret that clearing the clutter is more likely to motivate employees to be more productive. Just thinking about a messy desk makes us not want to work. It causes stress and overwhelm.

A clutter-free space is a necessity for improving focus, reducing time-waste, lessening stress, and increasing morale. Less mess means fewer distractions too. And fewer distractions mean less time wasted and more time spent being efficient. All of this leads to a greater potential for profitability.

If your office is shining, then so is your team.  

Employees that work in spaces cleaned professionally are healthier, both physically and mentally, and, therefore, happier overall.  

The average person spends close to 2 thousand hours working per year. Imagine spending that huge amount of your time in mess and filth. No one would want to. 

So, how about hiring a professional commercial cleaning service?

1. Cleaning will be one less responsibility on your plate.

2. Employees will be healthier and more productive.

3. You’ll make an outstanding first impression with prospective clients and visitors.

4. And, most importantly, it’s the simplest step toward a thriving bottom line.

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