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Apr 20 2017

Make Every Day Earth Day ...

Make Every Day Earth Day at the Office

Earth Day is Saturday, April 22nd.  This annual event started as a way to remind people to change their behaviors to reduce the negative effects they have on the environment. Sadly, it’s only one day though. And most people go back to their usual routines on April 23rd. Many of the things we all do daily […]

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Apr 04 2017

5 Chemicals That are Killing ...

5 Chemicals That are Killing You and the Environment

You’ve probably never heard of these “difficult to pronounce” chemicals before. Yet, they’re in many everyday cleaning products. And they’re destroying our health and the environment.  The Hard Stuff: Benzalkonium Chloride. Found in many disinfectants and cleaning supplies. 2-ButoxyethanoL. Used in liquid soaps and industrial and household cleaners. Nonylphenol Ethoxylate. Found in detergents and cleaners. […]

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