They’re coming back! How to get your school ready for September

They’re coming back!  How to get your school ready for September

They’re coming back! Though the summer months are a reprieve from the busy school year, students will be roaming the halls again soon. There’s much to look forward to at the beginning of a school year – new students, new experiences and new opportunities for learning. And, of course, with that comes new messes and germs.

Is your facility ready? Did you take the time to deep clean away the last school year’s dirt and grime?  If not, the good news is you still have some time.

Here are some important questions you should ask before the new school year ensues: 

  1. Do you have a cleaning and sanitizing routine currently in place?
  2. Does your facility use green cleaning solutions?
  3. Did you do any deep cleaning during the summer months?
  4. Is it cost-effective to bring in a cleaning service regularly or during downtimes like summer and winter break?

A School So Clean, It Would Pass Any Test

According to several studies, students function best when they work in a clean and organized area. “K-12 school environments have an improved capacity toward learning when they are clean.” Cleanliness keeps students healthy, in attendance, and limits distractions. 

So, what are some areas that need to be addressed to establish a cleaning routine in your facility? We’re glad you asked!

To start, there are some main places that need routine and deep cleaning attention. Buildings: Smarter Facility Management listed the following areas: The restrooms, carpets and flooring, windows and lights, heating and cooling systems, as well as gyms, locker rooms, and weight rooms. 

Yes, cleaning the entire building is essential, but these five areas are particularly vulnerable because they harbor more germs. Deep cleaning methods such as high-pressure washing, carpet extraction and sanitization, detailed light and window cleaning can help keep dirt and bacteria low and attendance and learning high.

Semi-annual deep cleaning will also help maintain the facility during the school year. And when paired with regular day-to-day cleaning, it will create a healthier environment and keep repair costs down. 

Green Your Way Clean

Using harsh chemicals can pose health risks to both staff and students, which is why green cleaning products make more sense. Chemical-based cleaners can cause skin irritations and other health hazards. OSHA lists some health hazards of chemical cleaning products such as:

  • Asthma
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Sore throat

Take the time to look at the products your school is using. It can be difficult to evaluate them on your own. Fortunately, there are non-profits and governmental departments that can help you find greener alternatives. Making the switch is a win for staff, students, and the environment.

A Lesson from the Cleaning Pros

Professional custodians can often manage the day to day cleaning for smaller schools such as dust-filled hallways, over-flowing trash cans, and the after-lunch rush in cafeterias. However, it can be challenging to keep up with more in-depth projects, such as floor and carpet care. Scheduling routine cleaning for these critical, time-consuming areas is a must to keep your school looking its best.

Is your school’s janitorial staff equipped with the right products and processes to handle a thorough clean? Commercial cleaning services utilize checklists, effective communication processes, modern equipment, and quality control inspections to ensure facilities are spotless every single day. Make sure your team has a strategy in place to get the job done. And you may want to consider an outside professional service to help. Their expertise can ease the burden of daily and/or more in-depth cleaning projects.

The Review

Maintaining a clean and safe environment within a busy school building is one hefty task. It takes serious planning and detailed execution to make your school shine. 

It’s important to have a daily cleaning plan in place. Replace the use of harmful and toxic chemicals with green products. And consider bringing in a professional commercial cleaning team if you have a large facility or want to tackle essential deep cleaning projects during breaks. Our professionally trained and equipped team is always ready to help make the grade for you.

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