Carpet Cleaning Services and COVID-19

Carpet Cleaning Services and COVID-19

The complexities of the COVID-19 virus and its spread are daunting for business owners anxious to keep their facilities safe for all who enter. More than ever, the cleanliness of your spaces can either drive away business or help build rapport with your customer.

Here are four action steps to address one of the germiest areas in your building – your carpet:

1. Identify Problem Areas

According to the EPA, the air indoors can be up to five times more polluted than the air outside. Enclosed areas leave less space and oxygen to dissipate even the most basic germs. As particles settle, it makes your floors a breeding ground for bacteria. Ineffective or infrequent cleaning can lead to bacteria and other contaminants that exacerbate flu symptoms and compromise your immune system. This is true even if there is no COVID-19 contamination in your space

Carpet is porous and soft, making it more difficult to disinfect than hard surfaces. In addition to high traffic areas, edges of the room and areas near vents can retain excess dust and moisture and are often neglected.

2. Know What You Can Do Yourself

Spaces touched by hands are sanitized far more frequently these days. Consider applying the same attention to the grime brought in on the bottom of your shoe. As you do, make sure to use approved disinfectants recommended by the CDC. The EPA does not routinely review alternative methods for carpet cleaning services like UV lights or air purifiers for safety or efficacy against COVID-19. So, stick to what you know works for the day-to-day grime.

Tackling stains in-the-moment, making regular passes with a good vacuum, and focusing on high-bacteria potential areas are a great start to keeping your customers and employees safe.

3. Bring in the Pros

There are just some things you need industrial-level care to attack. Quality commercial carpet cleaning services involve loosening substances like grime and dirt with a vacuum equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air filtration system. This exposes the pathogens that tend to hide under dirt and dust, so that proper sanitation can penetrate, purify, and deodorize your space.

Jidan Cleaning’s specialty is electrostatic disinfection which saves time and money as it requires fewer chemicals to treat a wider area, and the products are guaranteed effective against COVID-19.

4. Increase Frequency

Quarterly deep cleaning is a thing of the past. While quality commercial carpet can last more than 15 years, that depends entirely on keeping it well-maintained. Busy areas require daily vacuuming and bi-weekly deep cleaning under normal circumstances. While the expense to increase this frequency may impact month-to-month budget planning, it will extend the total life of your commercial flooring and ensure safety for your staff and customers. Do you want to read more valuable insights like these? Review our Top 10 Missed Spots When Office Cleaning blog post.