Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you’re a Realtor or landlord with a client in need of a special one-time cleaning or you have a “For Sale by Owner” listing, Jidan Cleaning will make any home shine with curb appeal. We specialize in cleanings that tend to overwhelm sellers or buyers and can cause unnecessary procrastination. Our one-time cleaning options include: pre-listing clean-ups, pre-staging cleanings, and move-in or move-out cleanings. These services cover all major Realtor concerns: kitchen and eating areas, sleeping and living areas, bathrooms, and the entry/hallway area.

By the time Jidan Cleaning finishes cleaning your client’s kitchen and eating areas, they will look and smell almost brand new. We’ll scour the sink, faucet(s), sink drain, and all counter tops. All appliance exteriors are cleaned, and we use Murphy’s Oil Soap on all cabinet exteriors. Be assured we will banish cobwebs from all corners and baseboards. Our general cleaning checklist covers all heat registers, vents, woodwork, light fixtures, and ceiling fans. We’ll wipe French door interior and exterior glass panes until they’re spotless. Additionally, we clean all room furniture. Naturally, we sweep, mop, or vacuum the floor.

Jidan Cleaning tackles all sleeping and living areas with enthusiastic elbow grease. Again, you can count on a thorough cleaning of all heat registers, vents, woodwork (including any shutters), light fixtures, and ceiling fans. If the dining room has a tall china cabinet, we’ll free the top of any cobwebs and dust bunnies. If you happen to have a “man cave” or office in the home, we’ll dust what we can and refrain from moving any desk papers or files. We clean all room furniture and can vacuum family room furniture as needed. Jidan Cleaning’s comprehensive vacuuming includes any carpeting inside room closets. Consider any cobwebs hiding in floor or ceiling corners gone!

We’ll send our most detail-oriented Jidan Cleaning team to make your bathrooms sparkle. No tile wall, bathtub, shower, or shower door will escape from a good cleaning. Depend on us to scrub toilet bowls until they are not just clean, but sanitized. The same treatment applies to all vanities and sinks. Jidan Cleaning will be sure to clean all lights, mirrors, fixtures, and counter tops. Don’t worry about prospective buyers opening those bathroom cabinets, because we handle both interiors and exteriors. All floors are cleaned and sanitized. You know by now what will happen to any bathroom cobwebs…

We at Jidan Cleaning know that beyond a home’s exterior, the next important impression for a potential buyer is the entry area and hallway. That’s why we pay particular attention to all heat registers, woodwork, and light fixtures in this part of the house. Jidan Cleaning also cleans all railings, spindles, and baseboards going up the stairs to the second floor. If your entrance has any glass or a storm door, we’ll clean that too. Contact Jidan Cleaning at 609-714-0426 with any questions you may have regarding pre-listing, pre-staging, or move-in/move-out cleanings.