5 Useful Tips to Declutter Your Desk in Under 15 Minutes

5 Useful Tips to Declutter Your Desk in Under 15 Minutes

Do you spend endless amounts of time sifting through papers, looking for client folders or even trying to find a pen? Does your messy desk need a decluttering makeover?

We’ve all been there. And an important lesson I’ve learned is that when you spend a few minutes every day organizing your desk, it will not only save you hours in the long run, but it can reduce stress, limit distractions and even improve your credibility with your boss.

Create a Plan

The first thing to do is approach the organization process with a plan. Much like cleaning out your closet or your garage, think about the things you use often in your workspace and make those the most accessible.

Whether you’re a packrat, a mild hoarder or just somewhat disorganized, these tips can help you arrange your desk for optimal productivity no matter your stage of chaos.

  1. Sort through the paper mounds. Scan or file important documents, toss or shred everything else.
  2. Minimize office supplies to those you actually use. How many staplers do you really need anyway? Use a small caddy to hold pens, sticky notes, paper clips, and other supplies. Put it within reach on one corner of the desk. This leaves plenty of remaining workspace.
  3. Establish a place for everything and be consistent when putting things back. This will help you find items much quicker.
  4. Reduce the number of picture frames, knick knacks and office non-essentials. Though personal items are a nice way to integrate style and character, keep them to a minimum. If you want your desk to look fresh, try rotating different objects (putting a few objects in a drawer) and switching them out every few months.
  5. Get your cords under control. As the number of your tech gadgets grow, so do the various cables and wires on and around your desk. Purchase a cord organizer that can conceal and consolidate your pile of unsightly wires.

Create a Habit

Purging things and organizing your desk can give you a new perspective and a sense of accomplishment.

And instead of thinking about decluttering as a one-time event, spend a few minutes on organization at the beginning or end of your day. This will create good habits that will decrease stress, save you time and energy and even help you be more productive.



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